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Plateau de Colons de Catan en relief


18 février 2020

Faisons simple, essayons déjà de reproduire un plateau pré-existant, celui de Moe Zarrela disponible sur MyMiniFactory.

Pour archive, voici une copie de la description donnée par l'artiste.

You can just print out the files you find here under the thing-files. Those are for a single color printer and you then have the pleasure to paint them the way you like :-). Just print the following parts:

    Tiles (landscapes): 4 x wood, 4 x wool, 4 x wheat, 3 x brick, 3 x ore, 1 x desert, 9 x water, 9 x water with harbor
    Harbors: 9 x harbor base, 4 x harbor top 3:1, 5 x harbor top (one of each resource)
    Bases: 37 x bases
    Thief: 1 x sandstorm
    For each player: 15 x roads, 4 x cities, 5 x settlements, 10 x crossings (optional)

Concerning the roules for the base game check out this link:

Alternative bases:

    For 6mm x 4mm magnets (from Bash-T):


    MAGNETS: That the different landscapes hold together during playing the game, you need to insert magnets into the bases. You need a total of 222 magnets with a diameter of 3mm and a length of 6mm. You can either use axial (parallel to height) magnetised ones ore diametrical (poles on curved faces) magnetised ones. The assembling with the diametrical ones is easier because their orientation doesn't matter.

Here are two websites where you can order the magnets:

    Diametrical (poles on curved faces) magnets:
    Axial (parallel to height) magnets:

FOR AXIAL MANETS: To assemble the bases correctly proceed like this: Start with one of the bases and go around by putting the magnets into the cavities and cover them with the tiny parts printed together with the bases. Make sure that all the magnets point in the same direction (clockwise ore counterclockwise)! If not the bases won’t attract to each other. When you inserted all the magnets in one base and covered them, use some glue to combine the base with one of the landscapes on top. Now everything should hold together and the magnets should not be able to fall out or turn inside the base. Proceed like described for all other bases. After you have equipped 6 bases with their magnets everything gets more easy. Just place the next base you would like to insert the magnets in the middle of the six already prepared bases. Put in the magnets and now they should stay in there places because of the bases surrounding them.

FOR DIAMETRICAL MAGNETS: The assembling is quiet easy. Just enter the magnets inside the cavities and cover them with the tiny parts included in the models for the bases. Just make sure the magnets are capable of rotating inside the cavities and don't glue them in.

If you want to use those new tiles together with my first magnetic settler game ( or my interlocking version (, you find the adapters for the bases here:


I hope you have fun with this new, colored version :-)



    City & knights:


19 février 2020

  • Essai d'impression en ABS : échec (la pièce se décolle du plateau au début de l'impression).
  • Essai d'impression en PETG : échec (la bobine se bloque vers la fin de l'impression, il manque toutes les dernières couches).

⇒ Fabriquer un nouveau dérouleur.

20 février 2020

Tuile de désert.


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